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Custom Made Guitars & Amps ~ Beauty, Functionality

Does beauty, functionality & design equal a magic that we need in our music equipment? Are custom made guitars, amps & effects what we really need to sound best? When I was young shop windows with unattainable guitars & amps were actual shop windows. And they were for me largely in London on Shaftesbury Avenue. Remember [...]

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What Attracts Us To The Music We Like?

We all know that in music there are connections between notes and that we have ways to explain these connections in musical terms, as well as personal observations & definitions. Also we know that different musical styles draw on differing rhythms and harmonies and these are widely varied across cultures and periods in time. But [...]

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Improvisation for Guitarists ~ Modes & Keys Explained

What are Modes and how do we use them? If we play a scale from any note to the octave of that note, we are playing a mode. Imagine the notes of the C Major Scale. They are C D E F G A B C. Playing these notes in this order is also called the [...]

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Spalt Vienna Guitar C1901

Mahogany Semi-hollow body,  Spruce top, Mahogany neck, Ebony fingerboard, 25 ½" Scale. Spalt BoneTop pickups, volume & tone w/push-pull for series mode, 3-way switch. Gotoh vintage style tuners, ABM wraparound tailpiece, Dunlop Straplocks. 3.1 kg Michael Spalt of Spalt Instruments made this lovely guitar. It just so happens that the instrument has many features that suit [...]

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Sofia Buckingham ~ Album Release ~ Mistakes at 2am

Great to see Sofia's first album out this week in CD & Download formats. Also thoroughly looking forward to her gig in the UK with myself accompanying on 2nd guitar on 1 April at Ledbury Market Theatre. She has a great voice and unique take on song writing. And at 18 she has a depth [...]

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Guitar ~ Playing, Recording & Composing

Work on compositions for Blind River (working title for my next release), which will be a group of linked instrumental guitar pieces, with one vocal track, has started in earnest now that I have assembled the right equipment and got a little beyond the intrusions of necessities from 2016. Collaborating with my good friend and [...]

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Collaborations in Music

It's a real privilege to be working with Diego Vargas & Rocoto Blues Band and Sofia Buckingham. Rocoto Blues Band ~ Diego and the band have come on as a quartet in massive strides, mainly due to straightforward hard work, since we first met in Lima in August 2016. They've nailed their aim of fusing blues [...]

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Music Equipment

CORDOBA GK PRO MAPLE Recently upgraded to this top of the range model, after Iberian Airlines crushed my last Cordoba. The new model is lovely and has wonderful flamed maple back & sides and the excellent Fishman Pro Blend pickup. As a good gigging, playing & recording guitar, this is a perfectly good guitar for [...]

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Live & Recording Equipment

GODIN A6 ULTRA KOA Having recently bought one of these lovely guitars for the second time and finding the tonal variations and options for use live and recorded to really suit my playing, I'm interested to know the opinions of others on them. I've strung mine with Thomastik Flat Wound 10-47 and find I can [...]

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