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Over nearly 40 years as a guitar teacher I have taught in schools, colleges, universities, privately and via Skype, FaceTime & email. You are welcome to enquire about private lessons in the Tewkesbury & Gloucestershire area, or online lessons using any of the above methods. A Free Introduction Lesson is always offered, so we don’t waste any time when we get started.

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Below is a list of material you can buy “off the shelf” with full email support

Music Theory for Guitarists.

This book is an essential guide if you want to Compose, Improvise or Arrange music, whether for guitar or other instruments. Open up your understanding of what you play on the guitar, by knowing how we construct scales, chords & keys, then translate them onto the guitar fingerboard.

Presented in concise and easy to understand language, this course will equip you with a profound and complete knowledge of why we play what we play on the guitar.

All styles of music use the same source theory. So knowing that theory is essential, as we are using it whenever we play, whether we know it or not. This book goes one step further than explaining why we do what we do, by showing how we use theory on the guitar itself, showing clear explanations of how intervals are placed on the fingerboard, in keys, chords, scales and arpeggios.

Blues Guitar Styles ~ 1. Beginnings

Aimed at ambitious beginners or players who want to switch to understanding about blues guitar playing. This is No.1 in a series that covers various aspects of different styles of blues guitar playing.

In this book you will learn basics of lead & rhythm, following detailed notes that are illustrated with MP3’s, notation & tablature. You’ll learn the blues scale and some intro & ending riffs and will apply those to some pre-written examples for both lead and rhythm. In addition you’ll start to look at how to improvise.

Once you’ve finished you’ll be able to play solo or with a duo or band, contributing backing or leads roles.

Blues Guitar Styles ~ 2. Moving Forward

Designed for players beyond beginners, #2 in our series tackles more advanced commonly used blues guitar techniques. We are sticking to our method of aiming the whole course at playing more than theory. This book tackles some more advanced techniques & ideas, stating what musical theory we used to construct them. This will equip you to know the source material, so you can construct your own riffs & patterns.

Blues Guitar Styles ~ 3. Slide Guitar

An in depth look at how to start playing slide guitar. This short course includes Tablature & Music Notation, along with MP3’s and descriptive text, to demonstrate how to understand the fundamental techniques required for slide guitar.

This style is often seen as a mystery but this course shows in simple descriptions, that slide guitar playing can be done by anyone. Examples are played using unmodified electric guitar and acoustic resonator guitar. Examples include: Basic scales & techniques, intros & endings, full 12 bar blues sequences, common slide riffs.

Improvisation Using The Modes Of The Harmonic Minor Scale

This short course of ideas for learning to improvise using the Harmonic Minor Scale follows on from the course on Improvising on the Modes of the Major Scale, although it can be tackled completely sepa- rately as well. The course has transcribed ideas for riffs that fit to the different Modes of the Harmonic Minor Scale. The music is in Notation and Tablature with short descriptions showing which chords fit which riffs. Audio files that illustrate the music with one for lead and one for backing, are available from the author. The audio files use a full band of rhythm, bass & drums.

Improvisation Using The II V I Chord Sequence - For Guitarists

The II V I Chord sequence is the most commonly used sequence in both jazz and many other styles of music. Mostly used from the Major Key it is the 2nd 5th & 1st chords in sequence. It is used so much simply because we like the sound it makes and it occurs at the beginning of sections of music, at the end and in the middle. So we need to know as many ways to use it as possible and this course will help you start.

Music Reading - For Guitarists

The ability to read music is often seen as a mystery and it does not have to be that way.
With knowledge of a few simple tools you can read music onto the guitar, or any instrument and get better & quicker just by doing it. This short book gives you the tools to do this and empowers you to have a solid foundation in basic music reading skills. We can get better at reading music for as long as we use it but a few basics is a solid and practical foundation.

Technical Exercises - For Guitarists

A short cut to building & maintaining the techniques needed to tackle new music and keep up the fitness to play what you already know, is a great way of maximizing time
Being prepared for new techniques by having exercises that develop new finger movements quickly, is what this set of technical exercises is for. Here we have a set of exercises that help you to evolve what you need to play the music you want to learn.

Scale and Chord Theory - For Guitarists

The relationship between Scales & Chords is the basis for almost all music we create and enjoy listening to as well as what we play. Often it seems like a dark art trying to understand how music is constructed.
However there is a simplicity to music that perhaps leaves many looking for something complex that is not there. This short book aims to de- bunk any mysteries and turn music into easily and clearly under- stood facts.

Improvisation Using the Modes of The Major Scale - For Guitarists

Improvisation as we know it in modern music is largely piecing together some of our favorite ideas to make something up on the spot. This course shows some riffs, along with backing tracks to play to and full versions of the tracks, so you can hear how the riffs sound. The backing tracks use rhythm guitar, bass & drums, with lead guitar added for the full tracks. Each Mode is tackled in a different style so we don’t get tied down to one way of playing. The audio files are available from the author direct by emailing after purchase.

Solo Guitar Arrangements

€10 each arrangement

Wave • Jobim

Solo guitar arrangement of Jobim's beautiful song. For years I put off doing this arrangement as I assumed it would be too hard to play solo. But under convenient pressure from an ambitious student here it is. And it was much easier to do than I had anticipated. This is a skeleton arrangement to show the chords, melody and some ways of using them together.

TAB/Notation/Guitar Pro/Mp3

I say a little prayer • Bacharach

The Burt Bacharach classic made famous by Aretha Franklin


Isn’t she lovely • Stevie Wonder

Hard to find good solo transcription of the sort of thing pro players do with this Stevie Wonder classic modern standard. Files include GarageBand & Guitar Pro

Video/TAB/Notation/Chords/Notes/Mp3/GarageBand/Guitar Pro

‘round Midnite • Thelonius Monk

Thelonius Monk piano piece for solo guitar


Don’t get around much anymore

Great party piece arrangement for learning bass lines, chords etc. A solo arrangement in the style of players like Martin Taylor


Time after time • Lauper

Cyndi Lauper classic, covered by Miles Davis with John Scofield & Bireli Lagrene with Sylvain Luc. Now as a solo jazz arrangement


Here comes the sun

Beatles tune with some great ideas that can be used in other contexts and very popular in the style of Tommy Emmanuel


Secret Love

Written by Sammy Fain for the 1953 musical Calamity Jane. Great solo piece played by players like Lenny Breau and hard to find as a solo transcription


I think it’s gonna work out fine

Arranged for solo guitar & also with multi-guitar backing & lead tracks. A really good solo guitar workout, covering many techniques used by Ry Cooder et al.
Soul Classic made famous for guitarists by Ry Cooder on adrop. With David Lindley on guitar as well. Also covered by James Taylor & Linda Ronstadt


The Girl From Ipanema • Jobim

My own arrangement of this classic Jobim bossa nova & jazz standard. There aren’t many solo arrangements of this piece around, so this is one not to miss.

The video demonstrates what can be done to extend the rhythms & chords transcribed in the Music/TAB arrangement. Also available in Guitar Pro format


Boom Boom • John Lee Hooker

In the Style of John Lee Hooker. Solo guitar 12 bar blues using the classic riff made famous again in the Blues Brothers Movie

Video/TAB/Notation/Chords/Notes/Mp3/Guitar Pro

No Particular Place To Go • Chuck Berry

A la Mr. Chuck Berry. This is a party piece arrangement for solo guitar. Impress friends & influence people by showing them something that amazes them

Video/TAB/Notation/Chords/Notes/Mp3/Guitar Pro

I Wish • Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder for Solo Guitar. Break up of sections in videos, showing how each is played. Basic use of 2 hand tapping for solo jazz guitar players

Video/TAB/Notation/Chords/Notes/Mp3/Guitar Pro

Higher Ground • Stevie Wonder

More Stevie Wonder for Solo Guitar and what a great sequence and driving rhythm to play. The bluesy chords closely relate to Boom, boom and Green Onions, so are really useful in many contexts

Guitar Pro, PDF, Video, MP3

Don't Explain

Billie Holiday's haunting elegy to love arranged for solo guitar. The sequence and melody intertwine to pull against our emotions in this music. For me it's essential to have the lyrics going through my mind while playing, so the lyrics are included in this arrangement, as a seperate sheet

Guitar Pro, PDF, Video, MP3

Chord/Lead Arrangements for 2 Guitars

€10 each arrangement

Is This Love? • Bob Marley

Bob Marley’s classic. What is a ‘jazz standard’ if it’s not what you grew up listening to?


New Blues • Andy Brotherton

Good vehicle for learning to improvise. In the style of Robben Ford


Blues Minus 1 • Andy Brotherton

Blues in the style of Muddy Waters for 2 guitars or solo. Many riffs & ideas for soloing

Video/TAB/Notation/Chords/Notes/Mp3s/Guitar Pro Variations

Fire bon! • Andy Brotherton

Original modern jazz composition, available on the release ‘A Few Short Thoughts’ A good insight into the composing mind of a working pro jazz guitarist


Isn’t She Lovely • Stevie Wonder

Comes with transcription of 16 bar solo & soloing ideas including scales. Great fun ‘modern jazz standard’ arranged for 2 guitars. Fantastic chord sequence for jamming


Blue Monk • Thelonius Monk

Thelonius Monk’s blues tune for 2 guitars. A simple and very well known and loved piece of music


Lovely Day • Bill Withers

Bill Wither’s great tune & chord sequence, with interesting & open chords. Such a nice rhythmic and happy piece to enjoy playing


Samba Pa Ti • Santana

Santana’s greatest instrumental melody transcribed and the chord sequence slightly altered, to add some lead riffs and new harmonic ideas


Wave • Antonio Carlos Jobim

A hard to find track with a good arrangement of chords & lead part. Full transcription of the melody & chords


The Girl From Ipanema • Antonio Carlos Jobim

The most popular and one of the most beautiful Jobim compositions. This arrangement has the full melody and chord shapes, with a backing track for soloing & performing


You Are The Sunshine Of My Life • Stevie Wonder

The evergreen Stevie Wonder classic with a beautiful chord sequence for soloing & a very nice tune. Great piece for jamming and honing your skills & understanding of of scales & modes for improvisation


And I Love Her • The Beatles

Lots of opportunity to use minor modes of the major scale for improvising & a lovely tune to suggest ideas, along with an interesting chord sequence. Recently covered by Pat Metheny, this is a great tune for jazz players. A modern standard


Blue Bossa • Kenny Dorham

Lovely improvisation study and beautiful tune & chord sequence. This piece gives a relaxed study for learning to use the keys of Eb, Db & CMi

Video/TAB/Notation/Chords/Notes/Mp3s/Guitar Pro

Satin Doll • Duke Ellington

Classic jazz standard arranged for Rhythm & Lead Guitars. This is a beautiful melody and very easy to play. The chords are a good introduction to Freddy Green style rhythm playing


What's Going On? • Marvin Gaye

Arranged with backing and lead tracks, with lush harmonies. This transcription shows insights into moving bass lines, integrating harmonies across 2 guitars and how to improvise on a beautiful chord sequence


(You make me feel like a) Natural Woman • Carole King

Thanks to my Austrian Skype student for reminding me of this great Carole King track. He saw it played by Danny Kortchmar in a duo setting as an instrumental. It reunited me with the playing of Danny Kortchmar, who was such an inspiration when he was James Taylor's main guitarist and he wrote some great songs

There are some unique elements here - a jazz intro section version in Guitar Pro and Mp3, accompanying notes, full tracks, backing tracks and you can have it in Logic Pro X format as well, if you would like!


Moondance • Van Morrison

Van Morrison's classic that has become a jazz standard and such a great chord sequence to solo over. Ther are several parts to learn here and some soloing ideas and scales, as well as the chords and melody


L'Été indien ~ Indian Summer

Emotive melody & chord sequence by French Singer Joe Dassin, which was a hit for him in 1975. If you are looking for an interesting and somewhat different from the norm, chord sequence, you will have found it in this piece. And the melody is also individual and lovely to play and improvise around

Garageband/Guitar Pro 6/TAB/Notation/Chords/Notes/Mp3s

Improvisation, Techniques & Theory

€10 each except The Incomplete Guitarist which is €30

Modes of the Major Scale

Backing tracks & full band tracks with riffs & scales for each Mode of the Major Scale, giving improvising ideas. This course leaves you with so many ideas, you will be able to construct your own improvised solos

TAB/Notation/Chords/Notes/Mp3s for each Mode

Modes of the Harmonic Minor Scale

Backing tracks & full band tracks with riffs & scales for the Harmonic Minor Scale, giving improvising ideas. This course leaves you with so many ideas, you will be able to construct your own improvised solos


Improvising over II V I Chord Sequences

Illustrating some Arpeggio, Scale & Riff based ideas that you can use over II V I Chord Sequences. Some interesting riffs to use in jazz & other styles


Scale & Chord Theory for the Creative Guitarist

The basics of the construction of Scales & Chords, including Major, Minor - Natural, Harmonic & Melodic, Pentatonic and several other commonly used scales. Also the modes & related chords, extended chord construction. Also sections on Key Signatures, Harmonies and more. All you need to know to understand the construction of popular styles of music, for composition, arranging & improvising

PDF Booklet

Technical Exercises for the Developing Guitarist

Exercises designed to build & maintain techniques.
All in Guitar pro & PDF so you can alter speed & develop speed & accuracy, controlling your own development

Guitar Pro/PDF

The Incomplete Guitarist

OK this is a fun title! I originally thought of “The Complete Guitarist” but, if we were all complete guitarists we wouldn’t need to study would we? The idea is to have a complete reference guide and covering all areas of music for playing the guitar

Technical Exercises - Music Reading - Sight Reading - Improvising - Music Theory - Aural Awareness.
Comes with dozens of Mp3 examples and reference material to help you keep all areas of music up to speed.
Covers areas like “Improvising on the Modes of the Major Scale” with Mp3s, TAB & Notation for every mode


Saucy Bends, Licks, Runs & Chords - 1

A collection of neat little ideas, often culled from Pedal Steel & Slide guitar players, to help you develop different sounding riffs that fit into blues, country, rock & jazz etc. This will allow smooth movement from riff to riff & over chord changes. The mixture of ideas here fits well into blues but also many other styles.


Guitar Playing

This book is for any ambitious beginner, intermediate player or anyone who wants to know what they are really doing when they play, as it tackles why we use scales and chords as we do, as well as which ones fit commonly together.

Included is access to Mp3's and music demenstrating ideas for soloing in action, as well as the book itself. Not many books promise this information, which is the absolute nuts and bolts of all music. Also available on Amazon Kindle if you prefer

TAB/Notation/Guitar Pro/Mp3

Band & Multi Guitar Arrangements

€10 each arrangement

Ain't No Sunshine

Bill Wither's great track for Lead & Rhythm guitar, arranged with bass & drums to give Full & Backing tracks to play along with

TAB/Notation/Chords/Notes/Mp3/Guitar Pro/Video

Isn't She Lovely?

For 4 guitars & bass - Stevie Wonder's often covered song. Learn multiple parts for many ideas that can be used in various settings including Solo, Duo & Bands

TAB/Notation/MIDI File